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The Ol’ College Try

August 13, 2014
Haas '12 pitches for the Lesley U Lynx

Haas ’12 pitches for the Lesley U Lynx

This year, as  in years past, we have a bevy of alums competing for some outstanding college programs. We asked them what their #1 goal was for the upcoming year.

Tyler Abrahamsen ’13 | Liberty University Golf

Team-wise would be to defend the Big South title again and try to make it to the Nationals tournament. That’s been a team goal for a while and we have been close a few times.

Richie Armand ’12 | Gordon College Basketball & Tennis

I would say my biggest goal is getting back to 100% for both basketball and tennis [Richie unfortunately tore his ACL this summer]. But specifically for basketball, my main goal is improving my assist-to-turnover ratio. I always struggled with turnovers so I definitely want to improve on that. For tennis, my main goal is to limit the amount of times I double fault. I lost a lot of close matches last year that I could’ve won if I was consistent while serving, so that’s definitely something I want to improve on. I would say those are my main goals while obviously competing for a conference championship and going to the tournament.

Andrew Daniel ’14 | Franklin & Marshall Basketball

My number one goal is to assimilate quickly into the Franklin & Marshall Basketball program and better my team towards a National Championship.

Ryan Haas ’12 | Lesley University Baseball

My #1 goal this year is to win our conference championship and my personal goal is to come back from my arm injury. I tore my labrum about a month ago in summer ball.

Matt Hollis ’14 | High Point University Track & Field

To beat my decathlon score by 1000 points.

Kara Lee ’11 | Harvard University Fencing

My goal this season is to really guide the team as a second season captain by using what I learned last year to be a better leader, and to also have as much fun as possible during my last year as a fencer (I’m planning to retire post-grad). Our team goal would be to win the Ivy League Championships. We came in second last year to Princeton.

Don Liotine ’13 | Stony Brook University Football

Win a conference championship for sure! And score my first college TD.

Donna Liotine ’11 | Adelphi University Soccer

It’s tough to have one goal for my last season ever! If I had to choose, I would really love to win the conference championship this year. Of course I plan to make a lot of great memories on the journey.

Brianna Stiklickas ’11 | Babson College Cross Country & Track & Field

For cross country the team goal is to come in 5th in our conference. For track my personal goal is to qualify for ECACs (Eastern College Athletic Conference) in javelin and hopefully qualify for Nationals.

Jerome Washington ’12 | Mercy County Community College Football

To get a Division I scholarship.

Wes Woodley ’11 | North Park University Soccer

My goal for our team is to at least win our conference this year and make it to the Elite Eight.



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