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Football Scrimmages St. Dom’s in Preseason Test

September 3, 2011

On Thursday morning, the football squad welcomed the Bayhawks of St. Dominic’s to Fitch Field in a final tune-up before the regular season begins. The Bears showed vast improvement from last season during their opening defensive series, particularly when they stymied five consecutive running plays. We had a difficult time slowing down the opposition’s ground game last season, the bread and butter for most of the teams in our division. If we can consistently foil enemy running backs, we have enough firepower on offense to be in every single game this season. Some individual highlights from the defensive side included Donnie Liotine hitting a Bayhawk so hard his helmet flew off, jarring hits from Andew White and Wyatt Piazza, a sack by Pat Ruffer, and great defensive line work from Spencer Cannon and Jake Harrington.

Our offense saw both peaks and troughs during its offensive series. There were several big plays from Liotine, White, Taylor Colucci, and Jerome Washington, but each flash of brilliance was seemingly followed by a mental lapse. Several snaps flew over the head of quarterback Marco Masakayan and the Brook fumbled the ball at least five times on the day, mistakes that undid many of their gains. If the offense can begin to gel and fully understand their individual responsibilities, hopefully the turnovers will diminish and the offense can go about gobbling up yardage.

The Bears will begin their regular season this Saturday at Wyandanch @ 2:00pm.


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