On This Day in History | 1965

On this day 46 years ago, the track team won an unprecedented 10th straight Ivy League Championship in a lopsided victory over a field of familiar rivals. The Blue and White entered Hofstra University with the weight of expectation squarely upon their shoulders, but withstood the immense pressure to continue their decade of dominance under the unparalleled leadership of Marvin W. Goldberg.

The Brook began their day with strong performances in the field events as Jerry Armfield earned a 2nd place finish in the discus throw, Mark Govertsen won the long jump, Bernard Mumo took 2nd in the triple jump and won his first of two individual titles when he defended his high jump crown.

Success continued in the distance events with a Brooker sweep in the two mile run. Glenn Ogden, who had missed seven weeks during the season with a fractured foot, paced the field in 10:05.4 while Chris Spencer, John Elsen, and Steve Haines rounded out the scoring. A sweep of the mile followed when Pete Randall set the meet record in 4:25 while Spencer, Phil Haines, and Mike Wildeman earned points for the Blue and White.

The sprinters took to the cinders next as Govertsen raced to 3rd in both sprints, David Sparks won the 180 low hurdles, and Mumo and Bill Krampe claimed the top two spots in the 440. A surprising finish awaited in the 880 when Krampe upset the favorited Randall to win his first Ivy League title. The medley relay (440, 220, 220, 880) brought another triumphant result as John Crozier, Larry Bowen, Sparks, and Tom Gregory edged out Poly Prep in 3:51.5. By meet’s end the boys had thoroughly distanced themselves from the runner-up, St. Paul’s, 68-41, to keep the crown upon Stony Brook’s head.

Mr. Goldberg safely stowed Stony Brook’s tenth consecutive championship plaque.

~ July 1965 Stony Brook Bulletin


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