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On This Day in History | 2007

December 20, 2010

The Brook | Husson (#25), Singer (Back, 2nd from right), Pizzichillo (Front, 2nd from left), Duff (Front, 1st on right)

On this day three years ago…

It was a dire situation for the Bears in Bridgehampton’s tiny gymnasium. Their best player, Mitch Singer, had gone down in the second quarter with a knee injury in the middle of a tight game. The Brook had a precarious 26-24 halftime edge, but without Singer in the lineup it was questionable if they could hold onto the lead. Withstanding the Bridgehampton pressure, the rest of their team picked up their fallen teammate, outscoring the Killer Bees 29-20 over the course of the second half to secure a precious win on a difficult opposing court, 55-44.

Eric Duff came up huge with 11 second half points including three 3-pointers to finish with 14. Adrien Husson added 12 and Lou Pizzichillo chipped in 8 while controlling the Blue and White offense. It was a bittersweet victory; however, as it was the last time Singer saw the floor for the rest of the season, undone by a torn ACL. For the remainder of the season there was a glaring absence in the scorebook, but despite being relegated to the sideline Singer continued to be a leader on the team.



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