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Conversations: Dave Marvin ’99

December 13, 2010

Coach Mike Hickey is in the midst of his 23rd season at the helm of the boys basketball program and he would tell you that Dave Marvin ’99 is one of the best players he has ever coached.  During his 2 seasons as a Bear, Marvin became known for his hustle and toughness on the soccer pitch and his savvy and clutch shooting on the hardwood.  Like his brothers before him (Robbie ’96 and Jon ’98) he also had a flair for the dramatic and often saved his best for the game’s most crucial moments.  As an All-Conference player for both the soccer and basketball teams, Marvin led the Brook to a number of memorable victories including the school’s 1st State Final Four appearance with the soccer team in 1998… and he wasn’t a bad SBFL player either.

>>What is your favorite memory from your SBS athletic career?

Basketball: My senior year we beat Bridgehampton at home and I had a great game.  They were the defending State Champs and it was awesome to finally get a win against them.  I made the headlines with “Marvin is a Marvel for Stony Brook” after that game and that was a lot of fun to see in the newspaper the next day.

Soccer: We had lights put up on our field my senior year.  We had the first game “under the lights” in school history and I pushed up and scored the first goal for our team.  Now when people talk about Dave Marvin, it will forever be followed up by “Heisman Winner”… either that, or I scored the first goal ever under the lights, and no one can take that from me, even if they decide to investigate.

>>What do you miss most about playing for the Bears?

The guys.  I had a close group of friends on each and every team and my junior year I was fortunate enough to play basketball and lacrosse with my brother, Jon.  I don’t think I ever took that for granted, but looking back I definitely miss playing with my bros.

>>You were an All-Conference back on Stony Brook’s 1st State Final Four team. Looking back on that accomplishment, what does that mean to you?

That I had really good teammates.  Seriously.  I think Chris Albert had the assist on each of my 5 goals that year.  We had a good goalie in Justin Chase and I was just out there running around and having fun.

>>How do you want to be remembered as a Stony Brook athlete?

As a competitor.  I love to compete and I love to win.  I chose to play lacrosse in the spring and even though I wasn’t very good, I loved getting in and I gave it my all.  It was fun to play sports at SB because the skill level was high and we were competitive in each sport I was a part of.

>>One of the most exciting games in Stony Brook basketball history was a 60-59 win over League IV Hauppauge on 12/17/97.  You hit some huge shots in the 4th quarter: a 3 to tie it at 55, a layup to tie it at 57, a 3 to put us up 60-58 with 10 seconds remaining—What did it feel like to pull out that win?

It was amazing.  If you watch the film on that game and fast forward to the last free throw attempt by them, you’ll see me watching from half court with the rest of the guys.  I jumped around like an idiot after he missed.  And I didn’t care.  It was just a preseason game, but they were a much bigger school than us and on paper, we shouldn’t have even been in that game.

>>What school was your least favorite to play against?

Shelter Island.  It took forever to get out there, their city/town/whatever is infested with ticks, and they were never good at anything while I was there… so basically we were giving up our night to drive out there and kick them around.

>>Did you have any interesting pre-game rituals?

I used to listen to a lot of Tupac before away games, which if you know me at all now, is really funny.  I thought I was tough.

>>What 3 words would you use to describe the way you played the game?

For basketball–Sneaky.  Smart.  Unselfish.

>>What’s your funniest memory from Stony Brook athletics?

Watching the Pierson game tape from my junior year with Seth [Kuhn ’99].  Seth tripped just running back on defense and he claimed someone tripped him but I can never see it on film.  It’s a lot of fun to watch that with him, even years removed.  That reminds me, I’ve gotta go dust off that VCR and have a good laugh…




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  1. December 16, 2010 1:19 AM

    S0meone tripped me, I swear. Everyone knows how coordinated I was back then. Amazing. Didn’t they call “too coordinated to trip over lines,” or was it “throws like a girl?” Anybody? Coach?


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