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Conversations: Natalie Istrati ’11

November 28, 2010

Natalie Istrati awaits a serve

Natalie Istrati has been the lynchpin of the 2 most successful volleyball teams in school history.  Over the past 2 years she has helped the Brook to a 24-5 regular season record and consecutive berths in the Suffolk County Championship.  Her size made her a devastating presence on offense and defense and she leaves a void that will be difficult to fill next season.  In the upcoming winter season she will play a major role in trying to bring home the girls basketball team’s 6th straight County Title.

>>What will you miss most about playing volleyball for Stony Brook?
Don’t ask me this question… (See question 6).  Everything.  The way we are not just teammates but also friends, sisters and roommates.  Our coaches are not just coaches but also teachers, parents, dorm parents and mentors.  Something about playing on our home court with all the fans… really, just everything.  I miss it already.

>>What 3 words would you use to describe your play on the court?
Vocal.  Determined.  Committed.  Telling myself that every game this year could be my last made me all the more determined to BE in every game and encourage the team to give it our fullest.  I had to be committed to everything that I did, from the start of an approach to placing the ball nicely away.

>>Do you have any interesting pre-game rituals?
Brannon [Burke] showed me this song last year called, “Glory in the Highest” that I listen to before every single game, its like my “get-focused-and-think-about-who-you’re-playing-for” song.  I also always warm-up in a shirt and save putting on my jersey until the game actually starts.  It’s something I just have to do, I don’t know why.

>>What is your favorite sport to watch?
I’d have to say professional soccer.  After being in Brazil during the World Cup this past summer, I just got so into it.

>>What is your jam right now?
“Stereo Love” by Edward Maya.  Something about the whole European-quasi-techno-accordion sound, it’s just amazing.

>>What is one thing we should know about you but don’t already?
Those who really know me, know this, but I am a crier.  It’s bad… I can cry about anything.  No reason either, I’ll just think of something that will make me cry, or I’ll feel bad for someone and feel like I have to cry for them.

>>What is your Se-Port sandwich of choice?
A “Gasm.”  Who’s isn’t it?  It’s like everything you ever wanted to be in one sandwich.

>>How many countries have you visited?
Ah, too many to count.  About 20… and still going!



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