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On This Day In History | 1922

November 22, 2010

The school’s 1st basketball team

On November 22, 1922 the Stony Brook basketball team played the 1st game in the program’s history.  Coach Clyde Mellinger, our school’s first Athletic Director and football coach, had just 2 days between the last gridiron match-up and the basketball season opener to ready his squad.  Many of his players were still aching from a season of hits and the team had barely any practice time before taking the floor with Smithtown.  There were few on campus who thought our team could compete, but the 8 boys on the squad made them believe in a 32-6 triumph.  Marinus Steenland and Gil Inglis (also the school’s 1st graduate) led the way with 12 points each.  After a winless football season this was also the 1st athletic victory in the history of the Stony Brook School.

Stony Brook Inaugural Basketball Team


  • Marinus Steenland ’24 | Forward
  • John Gilman ’24 | Forward
  • Tom Kittredge ’24 | Guard
  • John Sloat ’23 | Guard
  • Gil Inglis ’23 | Center


  • Jack Fitch ’24
  • Harry Winser ’25
  • Ed Weber ’25

The school was totally unprepared for a victory and their jubilation knew no bounds.


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