On This Day in History | 1966

Stony Brook Harriers Win Cross-Country Run Upstate

Dan Stevens of Stony Brook captured first place and led his teammates to a one-point victory in the Ossining Invitation High School cross-country run today.

~ The New York Times

On this day 44 years ago…

The 1966 Blue and White cross country squad accumulated a number of impressive victories. The boys won the Eastern Military Academy Invitational, the St. John’s Invitational, defeated the West Point Plebes, and won the Ivy League Championship for a staggering 12th time in a row. Most teams would have been more than satisfied with such an embarrassment of riches, but Stony Brook was not like other teams.

The one meet that had eluded Coach Marvin Goldberg’s grasp was the Dudley Hare Memorial, hosted by Ossining High School. While individual Brookers had performed well there in the past, including victories for Pete Randall in 1963 and 1964 and Dan Stevens in 1965, the team had never returned from Ossining, NY with the team title. The Blue and White knew they had a strong squad, but eight other top teams in New York State, all league, or regional champions, stood in their way, including host Ossining, the 1966 public school State Champions and the top-ranked team in America according to Track & Field News. Stony Brook had never beaten their rival and, while Stevens was the defending titlist, having won last year in 12:50, for the team to carry the day the #2 through #5 runners would be equally as important. The December 1966 Stony Brook Bulletin describes the exciting result:

The results are as breath-sapping to read as the race was to watch. Trampling all over the other opponents, the two arch rivals battled for every place among the top finishers. Stevens repeated, this time clocking in at 12:48. But the hosts placed 3rd and 5th. Then came the surge: [Mike] Wildeman, 7th; [Mike] Redmond, 8th; Ossining, 9th and 10th; [John] Crozier, 11th; [Bob] Stondell, 12th; Ossining, 13th. Add those figures and you get Stony Brook 39, Ossining 40. The New York public school champions had been downed.

Now, we’re number one.


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