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Boys’ Soccer 2010: Season Review

November 16, 2010

Headmaster Rob Gustafson often says, “As the seniors go, so goes the school,” an insight that aptly summed up the boys soccer team this season.  This team went the direction of its senior class and Anuraag Sah, Jon Wentling, Tyler Anderson, Wes Woodley, Khoren Lawson, PK Thorstenn, TJ Valet, Sean Barker and Phil Gape ably steered the blue and white.  They finished the regular season 9-2-1 (10-3-1 overall) and had it not been for an egregious oversight by a referee they would be hanging a League Championship banner for the 1st time since 2004.  However, instead of focusing on the low points there is plenty to admire about this team’s performance:

  • Outscored their opponents 29-13 during the regular season
  • Won 6 straight games during which they surrendered only 1 goal (400 minutes without being scored upon)
  • Registered 7 shutouts
  • Defeated Port Jeff, the League Champion, 3-0
  • Won 5 games by a 1-goal margin

This team’s success was built upon the foundation forged by the senior class over several difficult seasons.  The toughness of Woodley, the grit of Wentling, the power of Anderson, the finesse of Sah, the fire of Thorstenn, the speed of Lawson, the hustle of Valet, the heart of Barker and the selflessness of Gape will not soon be replaced; however, more success may be on the horizon with the youth coming up through the ranks.  5 sophomores, 4 freshman and 1 8th-grader saw varsity action this season, sometimes in crucial moments, giving them incredible experience which may pay dividends down the line.  The boys junior varsity team finished undefeated this season, so there may be more future impact players still under the radar.

Postseason Honors

  • Wes Woodley | League VIII MVP/All-County
  • Jon Wentling | All-Conference
  • Tyler Anderson | All-Conference
  • Khoren Lawson | All-League
  • Anuraag Sah | All-League
  • PK Thorstenn | All-League
  • Phil Gape | All-County Academic



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