On This Day In History | 2008

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On this day two years ago…

Just three days after a thrilling 1-0 victory in the County Championship, courtesy of Sadie Singer’s goal in quadruple-overtime, the girls won the Long Island Championship, 2-1, the fourth in school history. For the second consecutive year our girls were the best on the island in Class C and for the second consecutive year it was done at the Friends Academy’s expense.

The excitement on campus built as classes ended early and several bus loads of students poured into the stands at Dowling College. The Stony Brook faithful watched our girls, who were battling a slew of injuries, take an early lead as Karina Scavo dribbled into the box, drilled a shot before getting knocked down by a defender, and ran upfield with the lead in hand. However, just 3:47 into the second half, the Quakers equalized and a tense struggle ensued. Our defense, anchored by Singer and keeper Danielle Pappas, proved unshakeable. The squads battled to a stalemate over the next thirty minutes until Scavo struck again. The Bears’ All-State captain stepped up to a corner kick with 3:54 remaining in the game and drilled a low ball that ricocheted off of a defender hugging the post and into the back of the net. The Brookers in the stands erupted and the girls celebrated, knowing they were minutes away from the title. The last few minutes ticked off uneventfully and the girls reveled in another historic win. Pappas shone in goal, keeping the Bears in the game with 12 saves. Scavo remembered her deft strike:

Oh, I remember that game. That was a great one! I remember running to the corner to take the kick and thinking that this may be one of the closest opportunities we would get with less than four minutes left. After taking the kick, and actually mishitting it, I remember watching it hit the back of the net but it actually took me a few seconds to realize that it went in. I was pretty shocked. I was really amazed that it actually went in.



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