Boys’ Soccer Sinks Whalers

For the second time in as many days, the boys’ soccer team earned a 1-0 victory over a League VIII opponent, escaping Greenport yesterday and downing Pierson this afternoon. The weather was overcast and cool and the wind gusted from start to finish, but the Brook overcame the elements to win their fourth straight game and solidify their position as #2 in the league.

1st Half

In the opening twenty minutes, the time of possession was balanced, but Pierson held the edge in quality. Our best chance in the first quarter of the match was a bombing drop kick from the foot of Wes Woodley that gave Khoren Lawson a scoring opportunity. Then, with 19:48 remaining in the half, captain Tyler Anderson buried a goal from twenty yards after a brief scrum for control just outside the box. Anderson summersaulted twice, then hopped up just in time to be swarmed by his teammates. The goal seemed to galvanize the offense as they played some of their most beautiful soccer of the season for the remainder of the half.

The midfield possessed the ball much better than they have in recent weeks, they switched fields effectively and just played sound soccer. Freshman Donnie Pius gave a number of great balls to forwards Pablo Celis and Brian Jeong as they slashed toward the goal and Anuraag Sah and PK Thorstenn communicated beautifully as they worked in tandem on the left wing. The offense was so effective that the Pierson backs could be heard bickering amongst themselves after each quality possession. The defense was also impressive as Anderson, Jon Wentling, Cem Hayirli, Ryan Park, and TJ Valet fought tenaciously in the backfield. | 1-0

2nd Half

The entire second half was decidedly even. We had few chances, our best coming when Lawson gave Wentling a perfect touch pass just outside the box, but the ensuing shot grazed the right post. Pierson earned two direct kicks just outside the box in the middle of the half, but both missed the target. The Whalers continued to threaten as they attempted to speed up the tempo and catch our defense sleeping, but Wentling and Anderson were rock solid, chasing down each Pierson assault.

The most suspenseful moment of the game came with 2:08 remaining. A long pass, aided by the robust wind, bounced just outside the box. Woodley made the decision to punch the ball away, accept a handball call, and give the Whalers a direct kick rather than allow them to score on a defensive breakdown. His gamble worked as Pierson gasped their last breath by overshooting the goal. In the dwindling light, the Bears celebrated a well-earned victory over a gritty opponent. | 1-0

Tyler Anderson scored off a rebound in the 25th minute to give Stony Brook (4-1) a 1-0 lead in League VIII. Playing well for Stony Brook were outside backs PK Thorstenn and TJ Valet.

~ Newsday


Coach Johnny Whallon was pleased with the Bears’ offense, saying it was much improved from yesterday’s match. What the boys have shown at this point in the young season is they can win dominantly, as they did against Smithtown Christian, they can win ugly, evidenced by their gritty win in Southold, and they can win in close matches as they have shown over the last two days. This is a team that perseveres and will continue to fight in any circumstance. A big reason the Bears have reeled off four straight triumphs is the offense’s awakening. The forwards and middies are finally starting to click and do not seem as content to boot the ball and see what happens.

The Bears hope to continue their winning ways at home against the Ross School on Wednesday October 6 @ 4:30pm.

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