On This Day in History | 1997

Jay Miaritis

On this day 13 years ago, Jay Miaritis had a game for the ages.

In a 6-3 victory over Southampton for the boys’ soccer team, Miaritis scored a school record 5 goals to propel the Bears to a second straight win. Miaritis provided both first half scores to give the Bears a 2-1 edge at the break. Southampton knotted the game to begin the second half, but Erman Karaca put the Blue and White in the lead for good. Miaritis followed with the next three goals to seal the win. Coach David Church told Newsday that afternoon, “We were desperately looking for a scorer to emerge on the team. James emerged in a major way today.” Here are Miaritis’ thoughts on his peerless performance:

It started off like a regular game, we were up against a pretty good team, and we thought it would be a tight game. But it quickly turned into a very strange game, at least for me. What was strange was in the first half I believe I scored four goals mostly because the ball kept landing on my foot at the perfect time, in the perfect place. For instance, on a corner kick, the ball bounced off about six different players and landed on my foot right on the goal line. All I had to do was tap it in. And these types of plays just seemed to keep happening. In fact, I remember two goals happening like that within the span of about one minute. It was so strange.

In the second half I think I scored the fifth goal, which was more of a long run and nice shot early in the half. I say that because my parents had just arrived and after I scored I turned to them, held up five fingers and mouthed, “that was my fifth goal” with a look of disbelief on my face, which was how I felt. I couldn’t believe I scored again. My parents couldn’t understand what I was trying to tell them. They couldn’t read my lips. It was funny.

I did want to say that I am honored to have played soccer for Stony Brook, and I never would have started playing soccer if I hadn’t come to Stony Brook. I was privileged to play on some great teams with some excellent players, and under great coaches like Mr. Church and Mr. Matthews.

From Newsday:

Miaritis Nets Five For Bears

James Miaritis had five goals and an assist to pace Stony Brook past Southampton, 6-3, in a League VII game. Erman Karaca made it 3-2 for Stony Brook 13:20 into the second half.


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