Camp is in Session

Football season has finally arrived. The boys arrived last night for pre-season camp and seem eager to get started. Led by new head coach Kris Ryan, the University of Pennsylvania’s all-time leading rusher, the Bears begin their 89th football campaign today. Here are some shots from this morning.

Bear Paw Thumbnail


  1. Reminds me of my own time back in the late ’40’s at pre-season football camp there at SBS. Great memories. Hope the season goes very well!


  2. Good Luck Gentlemen – Have a Safe, Healthy, and Successful season both on and off the field.

    Too many memories to re-count, but let’s just say that a certain HeadMaster was in his first tour of duty at SBS, he was one of my favorite football coaches, and “mild-mannered” is not the word to describe his coaching style (oooops – Sorry Rob!)!

    I will be there on Alumni Weekend to cheer you on under the Friday Night Lights – I kinda wish it was Alumni Day Saturday, but I understand that we don’t always control the scheduling. Count on my support!

    I was never an SBS “BEAR” – so I will just say – YIKES-SHRIKES!!!


  3. Where is the fear in there eyes? No crying? Coach Kunst must have taken the day off.

    Best of luck gentlemen.


  4. I remember football camp in August, 1948. I was 1st string Right Guard. I played 8 quarters, all of the first two games and then was injured in practice. I was not able to play out the season. But I remember the camp with fond memories.


    • The ’48 team was a great one, going 7-1 with 7 consecutive wins to end the season.
      I enjoyed what was written about you in Res Gestae 1949: “Corky is from the great State of Vermont and is always ready to defend it from any wisecracks. While at Stony Brook, Elwin has participated in all the sports that this school has for us. He was one of the starting guards on this year’s great football team until an injury held him up. This has also kept him from his best sport of wrestling and has hurt the team very much. His ambition is to be a coach. Who knows, maybe some day in place of “Red Blaik” you will see Elwin Corliss. We of the class wish you and all your teams the best of luck.”


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