Images: Mosh!

1998 | Jay Miaritis is mobbed by Mike Titus (left) and Sean Metz (right) after his game-winning goal in a 9-8 win over Shoreham-Wading River in the County semifinal


  1. I definitely strung all those sticks! And that dyed “Edge” that Jay is holding is my stick as well, I still have it! -Chuck


      • i was the official stringer (check out my activities in the ’99 yearbook). i strung and dyed pretty much everyone’s “wands,” including Piker’s! I still got it, strung up a stick last month. Need to work on my traditional game, though – get that action back!


  2. Just checked–it’s official, you were The Stringer. So I guess you were the hero of the SWR game, that I remember so well, since Jay scored the winner with your edge. That’s an important piece of history.


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